Toggled Gro Lights installed

LED Grow Lights

Toggled Gro™️ direct-wire LED tubes are precisely engineered to provide improved growing performance for plants using selected LED output wavelengths.

Our patented triangular design for uniform, wide-beam light distribution and low operating temperature allows lamps to be placed much closer to plants for optimal growth.

Our horticulture lamps are mercury-free, energy efficient, and are designed to work in standard T8 and T12 fluorescent tube fixtures.

Following a simple retrofit process to bypass the ballast system, Toggled Gro Lights run directly off of building line power, eliminating ballast system failures and replacement costs.

Top Features

High efficiency LED grow light technology (16W)

Reduce excess heat in grow operations and water evaporation

Uniform, wide-beam light distribution and low-heat allowing lamps to be placed much closer to plants due to the triangular tube shape

Commercial-grade shatterproof construction suitable for damp locations

50,000 hours lifetime rating delivers years of problem-free operation

PPF 30.01 µMole/sec, PPF Efficacy 1.9 µMole/sec/Watt

PBAR 34.36 µMole/sec, PBAR Efficacy 2.1 µMole/sec/Watt

Voltage: 120-277 VAC