Toggled iQ Smart LED Tube

LED Tube

Our direct-wire, dimmable, universal voltage (120-277 VAC) 4 ft. smart connected LED tube, replaces existing T8 and T12 fluorescent tubes to a more energy efficient smart lighting solution; making it individually controllable as part of a connected Bluetooth® low energy (BLE) wireless mesh network.

Smart lighting control features include: individual addressability, continuous dimming, control groups, personal control, control persistence, high-end trim, minimal light level, demand response ready, light output monitoring, and BACnet IP addressable. With the addition of a Toggled iQ Sensor, the tubes are also capable of occupancy/vacancy control and daylight harvesting. Inclusion of a Toggled iQ Switch enables scheduling and pre-set lighting scenes.

As part of an upgradable smart lighting control system, the tubes feature a Bluetooth low energy (BLE) wireless mesh network capable of connecting up to 32,000 devices on a single network. Intelligently designed to implement lighting control capabilities such as large-scale wireless dimming and back-end analytics. Installation requires basic wiring around ballast systems.

Top Features

• UL Classified, FCC compliant and included on both DLC Qualified Product List (QPL) and DLC Networked Lighting Controls (NLC) to qualify for applicable utility incentives and rebates
• Simple set-up through the Toggled iQ App
• 2400 Lumens output from just 16 watts (4 ft.)
• Available in 4000K (cool white) and 5000K (daylight) color temperatures
• Wirelessly dimmable
• Shatterproof polycarbonate tube construction
• Long-life 50,000 hours; 6-year warranty