Toggled iQ lighting environments

Where You Can Find Toggled iQ

With Toggled iQ, you’re not just getting smart lighting. You’re getting a system that can transform your space into a smart building. Discover the impact Toggled iQ can make in your environment.


Toggled iQ is the ideal solution for every office environment, scaling from a single conference room to an entire building. Preset scenes allow users to easily switch to their preferred settings when they are using the space, bringing control down to a personal level. Not only can they set up preset scenes they can also use their personal device (Phone to start, web in development) to change their lighting preferences in their designated areas. Gone are the days of a creative department having to pull out tubes to make it darker in their space. End the need for twisting out old fluorescents and get oversight of energy use zone-by-zone, with the capability to manage overall energy usage rates.



With predictive maintenance provided by Toggled iQ, surprise outages are a thing of the past. In large retail environments, department leads can be granted control over lighting based on the area they are responsible for. Motion sensors monitor and provide light wherever and whenever needed, so when there is no foot traffic in an area, lights can be set into an energy saving mode. Light intensity can adjust to optimal levels without manual engagement.


Toggled iQ creates a safer, more efficient environment. You can lower energy costs with automated control, dimming and daylight harvesting, as well as monitor conditions in the warehouse to find low traffic spaces to reduce resources via the Toggled iQ mobile app.



Students benefit from lighting profiles tailored to specific tasks. Teachers can set scenes, turn the lights up or down, change color intensity and control room HVAC all with a single switch or via the Toggled iQ app. Administrators can compare energy usage across the entire facility. See how Toggled iQ is making an impact in Byron Center Public Schools.



Toggled iQ empowers you to create ideal lighting scenes to ensure a positive stay for guests. With a touch of the Toggled iQ app, hotel management can change lamp color temperatures to create the perfect ambiance or provide full daylight for your cleaning team. Toggled iQ is designed to retrofit into existing fixtures and requires no new wiring, so installation is fast and easy. And future applications include HVAC control to further enhance an enjoyable stay.



Motion detection discovers high-traffic areas, so you can more accurately predict where and when to staff your team members. Easily create optimal light scenes for every area from the gym and spa, to the café and locker rooms.


Extreme Weather Zones

LEDs perform much better than standard products in both cold and hot weather. They aren’t as strained during such conditions which makes them run more efficiently and last longer. This delays maintenance needs and ultimately saves energy.

Take an improper cold environment light solution as an example. It can be a drag on your maintenance and energy costs. Toggled iQ delivers instant start, motion detection and years of virtually maintenance-free operation.



Increase patient satisfaction scores and see improved recovery times with Toggled iQ. Toggled iQ creates ideal lighting scenes to promote positive health for patients, staff, and visitors. Replace mixed fluorescent and incandescent systems with one system that delivers color scenes sensitive to circadian cycles with a tiered access to administrators, staff, and patients.


Parking Structures

Provide a safer and more energy efficient environment with the addition of Toggled iQ Sensors, Lamps and Analytics. Sensors enable motion detection capabilities as well as the ability to adjust and customize light output levels to improve light output when it matters most and save energy during non-activity periods. Analytics provide the means to determine outage occurrences, identify lighting opportunity areas as well as establish preventative maintenance precautions.



Improve your worship space with Toggled iQ. Our system retrofits to existing fluorescent fixtures for immediate reduced energy costs and maintenance costs. Energy usage data collected through the control system provides the ability to grow even more efficient. Dimming lets you maximize the ambient lighting in your multi-use space.