Dinka Dental practice installed Toggled lighting

Dinka Dental

Located in Sterling Heights, Michigan, doctors John Dinka and Catherine Osinski Dinka were looking for a lighting solution that would provide the proper illumination for dental shade matching, with the added benefit of being eco-friendly.

Annually, the dental practice needed to replace all of the fluorescent tubes in the office which was costly, time-consuming, and resulted in nearly 100 mercury-laden, non-recyclable tubes.

With a lifetime rating surpassing 50,000 hours, and based on their hours of operation, the Dinkas estimate that they won’t have to change any Toggled LED light tubes for approximately 10 years.

Not only were the color and quality of the LED lights brighter and more natural-looking, the longevity of Toggled lighting was, in John’s words, “a no-brainer.” The fact that Toggled lights are designed and manufactured in Michigan was also important to the dentists, who are pleased to support local, state, and US-based businesses.


Dental Practice


  • Provide the best quality of light for employees and patients
  • Reduce carbon footprint


Upgrade from fluorescent to Toggled LEDs


  • Significant reduction in maintenance and waste
  • Superior quality of light for shade-matching patients’ teeth
  • Positive client responses