Smart Lighting by Toggled iQ

Networked Lighting Controls

Toggled iQ® is a smart building ecosystem with a heritage that started within the LED lighting industry, progressed into networked lighting controls and ultimately into what it is today, a total networked building controls platform.

Given the advancements that the commercial building space has been able to achieve in recent years it has become more important than ever for the facility management industry to keep pace.

The inclusion of networked lighting controls allows for additional building design flexibility, quick space reconfiguration, and the ability to connect a vital element of the building’s infrastructure to building management systems.

Key benefits include additional layers of energy savings, lower initial installation costs, and end-user lighting control which improves a building’s environment both from an efficiency standpoint as well as from an overall worker/tenant satisfaction standpoint.

Decentralized, distributed intelligence embedded into each device
safeguards against overall failure due to a single device outage


Toggled iQ Features

User-Friendly Setup
The Toggled iQ app is intuitively designed for easy setup and commissioning.

Simple Connection
Intuitive drag and drop commissioning system.

Room Scene Creation
Up to three pre-set room scenes can be commissioned through the app.

Allows for large-scale dimming capabilities.

Color Tuning
Allows flexibility for the system to go from soft to bright white light in an instant.

Motion Control
Toggled iQ sensors allow for variable sensitivity settings to accommodate user preferences.

Daylight Harvesting
Toggled iQ sensors are able to automatically accommodate and adjust to natural light.

Toggled iQ Extends to Additional IoT Uses


Remote Sensor Monitoring

Energy Management

BAS Data Pump

Designed to Retrofit

Toggled iQ enables you to upgrade your existing fixtures by retrofitting them from fluorescent to Toggled iQ smart LED tubes. Also available, Toggled iQ area lighting controllers provide a power switching and dimming interface between existing luminaires, rooms, entire circuits (up to 20A), and Toggled iQ networked lighting controls. Available battery-powered sensors mean no new wiring, so your ceiling stays intact.

Toggled iQ products can be retrofitted
Toggled iQ products are more customizable than traditional wired systems

iQ vs. Wired Systems

Toggled iQ integrates with existing building systems and is wireless, which makes system setup and modifications much quicker than traditional wired systems. Even if building walls physically move, the surrounding lighting devices can easily be recommissioned to accommodate for the changes without any rewiring. Because there’s no need for control wiring, users can control lighting by lamp, fixture, room, or even by building.

Compare Side-by-Side

Old Buildings Love iQ

The structures of aging, historic buildings are often better off undisturbed. Toggled iQ is the perfect smart building controls solution for these spaces because it doesn’t require any new control wiring. Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) technology is embedded into each Toggled iQ device, so there’s no need to open up walls. It’ll make any old building feel like new.

Toggled iQ products love old buildings
Toggled iQ products allow you to make changes instantly

Make Changes Instantly

In just a swipe with the Toggled iQ app, you can adjust the color temperature and dimming levels of lights, set trim and motion detection levels, and select peak and low usage times.

Give Personal Control

Toggled iQ enables managers the ability to provide their employees with control of their personal lighting spaces. They now have the ability to instantly turn lights near them on and off, and dim lights up and down. No more dealing with employees twisting out fluorescents to dim their areas. Evening workers can even change the color of lights to control their exposure to circadian rhythm-disrupting blue light. Toggled iQ creates a more flexible, efficient workspace.