Toggled Overview

LED Lighting

Developing customer focused, energy efficient smart lighting advancements drives us to deliver the future of smart home and building LED technology.

Toggled® commercial-grade LED products are designed and engineered with the most advanced lighting technology and highest quality standards and components. Designed and engineered in the U.S., our patented triangular shaped, shatterproof polycarbonate LED tubes are rated for long-life 50,000 hours, suitable for damp and cold conditions, and come with a best-in-class warranty.

Why Toggled direct-wire LED lighting?

  • Additional layers of energy savings
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Superior quality of light
  • Highly-engineered products
  • Eliminates fluorescent ballast systems entirely
  • Contains no mercury

Save energy. Save money. Reduce your carbon footprint.

Toggled LED products save businesses and homeowners up to 70% on energy costs compared to traditional fluorescent systems. Long-life rated for 50,000 hours and backed by a best-in-class warranty, the lifespan of Toggled LED tubes is over 16 years compared to just 4-6 years for an average fluorescent tube. Unlike fluorescent tubes, Toggled LED products don’t contain mercury so they don’t require special handling when disposed of.

Utility Incentives / Rebate Programs


Improve your quality of light… and life.

Upgrading from outdated and inefficient fluorescents to high-quality LED lighting has a dramatic impact on business and home environments. Toggled LED tubes are instant start, even in the cold, making them ideal for industrial environments, refrigeration applications, warehouses, garages and outbuildings. And say goodbye to that annoying flicker and buzz caused by traditional fluorescent lighting ballasts because advanced Toggled direct-wire technology eliminates the need for ballasts entirely.

Whether on the factory floor or in an office building or sitting at your home office, better lighting provides a more comfortable workplace, as well as heightened visual acuity and color rendering. The benefits offer additional savings not only through increased employee productivity but help contribute to a more satisfying overall customer experience.

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Highly Engineered and Precisely Designed

Significant investments in design and engineering, as well as the implementation of diligent quality assurance practices, have positioned Toggled as the global leader in TLED research and manufacturing efficiency of UL Classified, LM79 tested, FCC-compliant solid-state lighting.

Highly engineered with impeccable quality, our products significantly lower electricity costs and deliver a higher quality of light in office settings, industrial environments, and living spaces.

Ballast free. Buzz free. Hassle free.

Precisely engineered for safety and reliability, Toggled’s direct-wire technology eliminates the need for ballast systems by simply bypassing the ballast. What does this do? By removing the ballast, you remove fluorescent ballast buzz and flicker, as well as eliminate future ballast replacement hassles and costs associated with replacement. And even better? You can do all this and save more energy. Our direct-wire technology allows for simple, hassle-free installation, and are precisely engineered for customer satisfaction, backed by an industry-leading warranty.