Smart Lighting by Toggled iQ

Smart Lighting

Starting with lighting, Toggled iQ has evolved to become a complete building ecosystem.

Now you can control, monitor and improve a building’s environment with high-end electronics and cutting-edge software. In addition to the smart building benefits, you also get smart lighting features.

Welcome to Toggled iQ

Designed to Retrofit

Toggled iQ lets you keep your existing fixtures by using Toggled downlight retrofits and Toggled direct wire LED tubes enabled with Bluetooth® low energy (BLE) technology. Battery-powered sensors mean no new wiring so you’ll leave your ceilings intact.

iQ vs. Wired Systems

Toggled iQ is highly compatible so it integrates seamlessly with other systems. Because there is no need for control wiring, users have unprecedented freedom to control lighting by lamp, fixture, room or building.

Compare Side-by-Side

Old Buildings Love iQ

The structure of aging and historic buildings is often better off left undisturbed. Toggled iQ the perfect smart lighting solution for these spaces because no new control wiring is required. Bluetooth low energy technology is within the light itself, so there’s no need to open up walls. Your old building will feel like new.

Make Changes Instantly

What used to take days, now happens in a swipe. With the Toggled iQ app, changes that used to take days now happen with a swipe. Color temperature of lights, motion detection, adjustments to peak and low usage times can all be done in seconds on the app.

Give Personal Control

Toggled iQ allows managers to give employees the control to turn lights near them on or off and dim lights up or down. No more twisting out fluorescents. Evening workers can change the color of lights to control their exposure to circadian rhythm disrupting blue light. Toggled iQ helps create a more flexible, efficient workspace.