Toggled iQ creates Smart Buildings

Smart Buildings

Tie aspects of your building together through Toggled iQ’s smart building solution. From lighting control systems to HVAC, our smart building solutions will streamline your building maintenance and upgrade your facility for the future.

The solutions allow insights that ensure effective and efficient control of building facilities, provide energy savings, enable timely maintenance, and improve overall quality of occupancy. Plus, you can monitor conditions via the Toggled iQ mobile app.

With our expertise in lighting technology and heritage in software development, coupled with a deep understanding of the entire IoT value chain, Toggled iQ is the best solution to reach your smart building goals.


No matter the size of your lighting needs or building management devices, the Toggled iQ platform remains constant. Our software-as-a-service (SaaS) model offers users both customization and the ability to scale up or down without new costs or time investment.

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Futureproof Your Space

Smart lighting now, building management next. From a start-up to a multi-city corporation — Toggled iQ is an IoT network that allows you continue to add devices. It adapts based on your building management needs now and in the future.

Real Time Data Collection

Utilizing product generated data, Toggled iQ provides powerful analytics dashboards that are capable of generating real-time overviews as well as efficiency and cost-savings reports.

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Optimize Maintenance

Predict issues before they happen. Get streamlined system upgrades and optimizations. No more walking the facility to check for outages. The app predicts issues before they happen.

User Friendly

Toggled iQ software makes control intuitive. Everything about downloading and using the app is designed with end-user satisfaction in mind. There are no complicated interfaces. You won’t be frustrated by unnecessary features — it’s functionally as simple as possible.

Smart from the Start

A frontrunner in bringing the latest LED technologies to market and from the leading provider of enterprise-class software, Altair.

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Peak Demand Managed

Toggled iQ helps you get the best possible energy costs. Managers can monitor and adjust lighting levels throughout their facility based on zone usage, time of day, holiday schedules and time of year.