The Noble House

The Noble House property located in Vancouver, Canada is a 4-story concrete residential building built in 1989.

It features 28 suites, with 10,000 square footage of underground parking, two sets of stairwells and a hallway common area. 

The Challenge

The Noble House’s Strata Council (Canada’s version of a home owners association) was tasked with replacing their legacy fluorescent lights with LED technology as there were concerns that the lack of sufficient lighting in many areas of the garage created a safety risk. The Strata Council was aware of the energy savings generated with the proposed LED upgrade as well the additional energy savings advantages that come along with adding lighting control functionality.

Their plan was to leverage these savings to balance out the increases in other proposed building upgrades and maintenance costs. Including occupancy-based lighting strategies in the garage and stairwell spaces was critical to securing the desired funding.

Our Solution

During their solution search, the Noble House’s Strata Council evaluated several LED lighting control options for their building needs and decided to go with Toggled iQ® technology. The main reason for selecting Toggled iQ was that its T8/T12 LED tubes contain embedded control technology which provides the ability to customize output to match the specific needs of each unique space. For example, the system was configured with a longer occupancy timeout period for the parking garage vs. the stairwells to promote additional owner safety. The Toggled iQ platform also provides a controlled dimming functionality which enables the capability of providing a low level of light across the indoor garage when areas are unoccupied. To achieve additional energy savings, the maximum trim was set to 80% in the parking garage and to a minimum trim of 30% in all other areas which allowed for an additional reduction in the base load, 24 hours a day.


The installation of the Toggled iQ lighting control system enabled dimming and trim capabilities as well as occupancy/vacancy control which significantly increased the building’s energy efficiency and reduced its overall carbon footprint. The retrofit resulted in a total energy savings of 75% with only an 18-month payback period on the project. The new lighting system also included long-life LED products which provide over 50,000 hours of quality light and further reduces future maintenance costs and increases overall cost savings. Furthermore, the lighting and security measures installed in the garage significantly improved the customer experience by increasing security and keeping a minimum level of illumination in unoccupied areas. Overall, the project fulfilled the Noble House owners mandate of offering safe parking operation while significantly improving energy efficiency in the building to achieve the desired energy efficiency goals.


Residential Property


  • Improve the safety of The Noble House tenants
  • Energy savings


Upgrade to the Toggled iQ smart building management system comprised of lights, sensors, controls and back-end analytics tools which are interconnected wirelessly


  • Building reached 75% energy savings
  • Customizable occupancy timeout periods
  • Controlled dimming functionality
  • Satisfied tenants’ safety mandates