Mid-Atlantic Energy Solutions

Headquartered in Salisbury, MD, Mid-Atlantic Energy Solutions is an industry leading energy efficiency company that works closely with businesses to improve HVAC, lighting, and refrigeration efficiencies that generate long-term energy savings.

Customized strategies are developed, aligned to, and implemented with the intent of analyzing and optimizing results in the months and years to come. In most cases, project installation costs are recovered within the first 12 months of execution. Customers and their projects aren’t viewed as just a sale; they are truly enduring partnerships.

The Challenge

An aviation customer of Mid-Atlantic Energy Solutions requested a lighting upgrade for its private jet hanger and lobby areas, mostly to help offset rising energy costs. During the initial consultation, it was learned that the existing lighting system was set up at different times by different contractors resulting in the majority its fixtures and light switches not being in step with current employee and customer needs. This was especially apparent when staff was turning facility lights on and off. Because areas of the facility had mismatched wiring control, the staff typically just kept the lights on 24/7.

At the time, overhead lighting consisted of outdated, buzzing and inefficient fluorescent and slow-starting high-pressure sodium lights. Failing ballasts, inconsistent light color temperatures and mismatched switches prevented the lighting system from reaching its true potential.

Our Solution

The Toggled iQ® network lighting controls platform provides energy savings up to 80% over standard fluorescent lighting systems. The system is user-friendly and easily upgradeable to accommodate both current and future smart building needs. 

Direct-wire, dimmable, universal voltage (120-277 VAC) Toggled iQ LED tubes are individually addressable to provide customizable and consistent light output and energy savings up to 70% over standard fluorescent lighting systems. Direct-wire tubes don’t require fluorescent ballasts so eliminate the associated ballast buzzing from the lights. 

Providing the ability to sync all their existing fixtures to their proper switches was achieved through the installation of Toggled iQ area lighting controllers which provided a switching and dimming interface between the existing luminaires.

Toggled iQ sensors enable customizable occupancy/vacancy based control that eliminates the worry of relying on employees remembering to turn the lights off at the end of the day. No more running lights 24/7.

Toggled iQ is a Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) wireless mesh system that allows for the connectivity of up to 32,000 devices, so not only is Toggled iQ fully capable of easily covering current needs of the expansive hanger dimensions but there is also still plenty of room to grow in the future.  

The Toggled iQ app enables an easy installation process for Mid-Atlantic Energy Solutions and provides a mobile phone based interface to allow staff and even customers (if desired) the ability to intuitively customize and control their lighting preferences as well. 

Additional components and features can be easily added whenever needed, such as daylight harvesting and back-end analytics, to further optimize energy savings and enable predictive maintenance. 


Adding Toggled iQ network lighting controls easily achieved the customers main goal of generating energy savings. During the first month of implementation, the system saved over 75% in lighting energy costs. Individually addressable devices allowed for the customization and desired light output consistency throughout the facility.

Toggled iQ area lighting controllers and sensors eliminated the need to run lights 24/7 which accounted for a substantial portion of the aviation company’s overall energy savings. 

Overall installation costs were kept to a minimal as well since Toggled iQ is a wireless network lighting control system that does not require expensive new wiring to be run along with the associated labor installation fees. 

The overall quality of light improvement has impacted both staff and customers from an aesthetics as well as a facility safety standpoint.

Overall costs were kept minimal because Toggled iQ is a wireless lighting control system that does not require expensive new wiring to be run or the associated extensive installation fees. The commissioning process was easy enough to be done in-house as well.


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  • Offset rising energy costs
  • Customizable, consistent and scalable lighting output


Upgrade to the Toggled iQ smart building management system comprised of lights, sensors, controls and back-end analytics tools which are interconnected wirelessly


“Businesses and building operators have to master the delicate balance between building controls that generate energy and cost savings, with the satisfaction of their customers and employees. Toggled’s new advancement means our business customers no longer have to walk this line – they can enable individual control of lighting devices while simultaneously driving down energy consumption and costs through the connected
building system.” – Sawyer A., Mid-Atlantic Energy Solutions