Toggled LED tubes installed at Meijer stores


Meijer, Inc. is a multi-billion dollar retailer of food and general merchandise, headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan with more than 60,000 employees in 200 stores across the Midwest. Ranked as the 19th largest privately-held company in the U.S., they are known for customer service and helping their team members achieve personal goals.

Meijer and Toggled® connected at an energy efficiency event sponsored by DTE Energy. Meijer seeks to promote Michigan-made products and support other companies headquartered in the state, thus aligning with similar Michigan-centric goals and incentives from DTE.

Over the next several years, Meijer is looking to save millions of dollars and reduce their environmental footprint through energy efficiency programs with LED lighting targeted as a major component of their strategy.

As a pilot program, medium-temperature coolers were identified as a good application because they are on 24/7 and are thus consuming energy all of the time. In addition, the current fluorescent lamps burn out at a high rate and gradually turn yellow which casts an undesirable lighting effect on the food in the coolers.

The goals of the pilot program were to reduce electricity consumption and improve the quality of the light. Reduced energy costs and improved visual appeal of food products both represent bottom-line economic improvements for Meijer.

Toggled was able to provide a 16W LED tube which cut the electricity consumption by 50% compared to the existing fluorescent. Toggled’s locally-headquartered expertise also enabled them to create a custom wide-beam-angle lens for Meijer which spreads the light evenly down the face of the cooler across the products.

Meijer will now have durable LED lighting that won’t change color over time, will last them around six years being run 24/7, and reduce their electricity consumption by 50% per tube.


Grocery / Retail


  • Reduce electricity consumption
  • Improve light quality


Upgrade from fluorescent to Toggled 4000k Wide-Beam-Angle LEDs


  • 50% energy savings per tube replaced
  • Better lighting for products
  • Reduced maintenance