Toggled's partnership with Kids First Pediatric Therapy

Kids First Pediatric Therapy

Kids First Pediatric Therapy provides occupational therapy services for children from birth to age 18 in Burnaby, British Columbia. The clinic’s goals focus on what is important to the child and their family.

The Challenge

Lighting impacts learning, mood, and perception. This is especially true for kids undergoing occupational therapy. Harsh or bright light creates unwanted visual stimulation for kids with light sensitivities. The clinic decided their fluorescent lighting wasn’t providing optimal therapeutic conditions. It was time to upgrade.

In addition to improving the sensory quality of light, a new lighting solution needed to be simple to use. Every minute of a therapy session matters; no time can be spent fiddling with complex lighting controls. Because sensory needs vary from client to client, the new system needed to be easily dimmed in different areas of the clinic for specific. The new system would also have to be quick to install so there would be no disruption in the therapy schedule.


Our Solution

Kids First Pediatric Therapy asked Relight Solutions, a Vancouver-based smart lighting systems integrator, to design and select an LED solution. Because the clinic doesn’t have a drop ceiling in place, the Relight Solutions team knew a wireless system would eliminate the time and expense a wired installation would require. The Toggled iQ® smart lighting system was selected for its lower cost, user- friendliness and future upgradability. 

Because Toggled iQ is designed to retrofit, the clinic’s existing fixtures were kept in place with a simple, direct-wire modification. In just a few hours, a Relight two-person team installed and commissioned the new 20-tube, six-switch system. The Kids First Pediatric Therapy management team connected the system to their specifications via the Toggled iQ app.


Since the Toggled iQ system has been in place, the clinic offers a markedly improved therapeutic environment. Fluorescent sensory distractions have been eliminated. The flexibility of lighting options allows therapists to tailor lighting scenes to the needs of individual therapy sessions and the simple interface makes control intuitive.


Occupational Therapy


  • Improve the sensory quality of light
  • Flexibility to customize dimming throughout the clinic
  • Ease of use and quick to install


Retrofit upgrade to Toggled iQ LED Tubes, Switches and connecting the lighting system to the Toggled iQ App


  • Eliminated fluorescent sensory distractions
  • Therapists can tailor lighting scenes to the needs of an individual