Toggled iQ's case study at Frances Shattuck Building

Frances Shattuck Building

Covering nearly 40,000 square feet, the Frances Shattuck Building is located just one block from the University of California Berkeley campus. Ownership leases out up to ten (10) small-to-medium sized business locations spread out between four floors.

Tenants in today’s market expect their office space to be technologically state-of-the art. Originally built in 1906, there was a desire to maintain as much of the building’s historical charm with as little infrastructure disruption as possible.

The Challenge

The Frances Shattuck leadership team needed to convert an existing office space, previously occupied by a single tenant, into two individual spaces. One of the new tenants requested their new space to be equipped with smart building management system capabilities. Due to the age of the building’s infrastructure, conversion to a traditional hard-wired smart building management system would require structural changes and potential disruption to the current electrical systems. The team was at an impasse.


Our Solution

Toggled iQ® is a smart building management system comprised of lights, sensors, controls and back-end analytics tools which are interconnected via wireless, low-energy Bluetooth (BLE) technology. Because the system is wireless, it’s unnecessary to deconstruct the office space during installation. With Toggled iQ, the integrity of the building would not need to be compromised, eliminating the building leadership team’s main concerns and allowed the project to move forward as desired by the new tenant. As an additional benefit to the building, Toggled iQ lighting products are direct-wire retrofits that provide the ability to upgrade existing fluorescent fixtures to a much more energy efficient and higher quality LED lighting.


The Toggled iQ system met all of the new tenant’s smart building management requirements.

• Simple installation and set-up. Approximately 10,000 square feet of space was converted to Toggled iQ in less than 48 hours by only two electricians. No walls were compromised. No extensive rewiring.

• Personalization. Commissioning of the system was completed by the new tenants via a simple-to-use app downloaded to their personal phones. New system user, Henry Raschke commented, “I love the fact that I can control the lights above my area. I’m a software developer so I absolutely need to have it dimmed to a certain level when I’m working.” For more traditional room expectations, wall-mounted switches allow for personal preferences within common areas via scene scheduling.

• Increased convenience and energy-saving features. Toggled iQ sensors were set-up and commissioned in minutes. Motion, light, temperature and humidity sensing enable occupancy/vacancy and daylight harvesting controls. Each sensor was customized for personal preferences and/or optimal performance.

• The daylight harvesting feature isn’t noticeable to the eye. The system seamlessly adjusts to optimize lighting levels based on the available natural light.

• The office’s east facing windows are very bright in the morning. Toggled iQ adjusts accordingly to maintain a preferred light level and conserve energy. In the evening they compensate in reverse.

• Next level personalization. 6” and 8” Toggled iQ Downlights provided additional color temperature changing capabilities (2700K to 5000K) allowing for even greater lighting customization and Circadian preferences to be established throughout the office space.

• Open/Closed system. A Toggled iQ Gateway was installed to provide open system capabilities, if desired, including remote access to the system as well as back-end energy monitoring. System rules were quickly established based on initial findings which generated significant energy savings.

• Increased quality of light. A worker reported headaches when working under the older lighting. When she works under the Toggled® LED lights, the headaches go away.


Building Management


  • Upgrade historic building space without sacrificing the integrity of existing infrastructure


Upgrade to the Toggled iQ smart building management system comprised of lights, sensors, controls and back-end analytics tools which are interconnected wirelessly


  • Increased quality of light
  • Significant energy savings
  • Personalization within employees working areas
  • Simple installation with no extensive rewiring necessary