Toggled iQ's case study with Byron Center Schools

Byron Center Schools

Byron Center Public Schools strives to provide the best education for its 3,800 students while operating on a limited budget. Facility improvement funds tend to cover only critical upgrades and are depleted before areas like lighting can be addressed. Improper lighting in the staff enrichment and training areas was creating unnecessary stress on both staff and students and a traditional hard-wire system upgrade was unlikely to be covered.

Toggled iQ® allowed BCPS to significantly improve both the quality of light and the simplicity of light system use in these areas with a 70% installation cost savings over a hard-wire system upgrade.

In just four hours, a two-person team installed the Toggled iQ smart lighting system including 80 Toggled iQ tubes. No extensive pre-wiring was required, only retrofitting the fixtures to direct-wire specifications. One Toggled iQ switch replaced four standard switches. The school’s facility management team connected the system to their specifications via the Toggled iQ app and they had a lower cost, user-friendly and future-upgradable smart lighting solution up and running.

The Aquatic Center got an unexpected benefit of the lighting retrofit. As evaporated pool water is replaced, the chemical balance of the pool must be monitored and corrected at a substantial cost in materials. The Toggled iQ smart system lowered the overall lights-on time and its LED lamps generate less evaporation-causing waste heat than conventional lighting. There has been a measurable decrease in evaporation since the new lighting was installed.

“We love it! Now we have all the different light scenes we need for the training room programmed — it’s very simple to use.”

– Doug Gallup, District Services Coordinator for Byron Center Schools




  • Reduce unnecessary stress from improper lighting in the staff enrichment and training areas
  • Upgrade lighting without going over budget


Upgrading to Toggled iQ LED Tubes, Switches and connecting the lighting system to the Toggled iQ App


  • Measurable decrease in pool water evaporation leading to significant reduction in materials costs