Toggled lighting installed at Aria Salon

Aria Salon

Owners Dmitriy Pomogalov and James Orlando of Aria Salon in Grosse Pointe were looking for the optimal lighting solution to improve color rendering and create a more comfortable environment for their clients.

Aria Salon retrofitted existing fluorescent fixtures and installed Toggled® LED lighting to improve color rendering. “We can get a true color with LED lighting, better than we can with fluorescent,” says Orlando.

“As small business owners we’re always looking for cost and energy efficiency, but we cannot cut on the customer experience,” says Pomogalov. “We can actually provide a better experience than what we had, and it costs us way less.” After retrofitting to Toggled LEDs Aria saw an almost 50% reduction in energy costs.

Another search criteria for Aria was finding an eco-friendly alternative to fluorescents. Reducing their environmental footprint by decreasing energy consumption and using mercury-free lighting was very important.


Personal Care Services


  • Reduce operating costs while maintaining high-quality customer experience
  • Find an eco-friendly alternative to fluorescents


Upgrade from fluorescent to Toggled LEDs


  • Significant reduction in energy cost
  • Superior quality of light
  • Reduced environmental footprint