Toggled iQ Switch on wall


The Toggled iQ® Switch requires only a connection to AC power (120-277 VAC) to enable wireless control of any Toggled iQ networked lighting controls device or group of devices.

This single-gang switch allows on/off, dimming, scene selection, and scheduling. Scheduling doesn’t require a Gateway or internet connection after the initial installation, which enables stand-alone, time-based control of other Toggled iQ devices. As part of an upgradable network lighting control system, they feature Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) wireless mesh technology which eliminates capacity limitations associated with 0-10V and phase-dimming control systems. UL Listed, FCC compliant and included on DesignLights Consortium (DLC) Networked Lighting Controls (NLC) Qualified Product List (QPL) to qualify for applicable utility incentives and rebates.

Switch Introduction

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Top Features

  • Simple set-up through a free downloadable Toggled iQ app
  • Shatterproof polycarbonate enclosure and easy-to-clean capacitive-touch control
  • Universal BACnet addressable
  • Capabilities: on/off, dimming, scene selection (3 programmable buttons), and 7-day scheduling
  • Easy multi-location switching – add more Toggled iQ Switches to control a group to expand the accessibility of your lighting. Full functionality is available from all switches in a group that is within range of your Bluetooth network. Only 120-277 VAC power is required as Toggled iQ devices are controlled wirelessly.
  • Enable occupancy/vacancy operation by adding one or more Toggled iQ Sensors
  • Using the Toggled iQ App allows for high-end or low-end trim setting adjustments
  • No ground-wire required
  • Ambient temperature rating -25C to 45C (-13F to 113F)
  • Limited 6-year warranty