Toggled iQ Gateway

Gateway Edge Computer Device

The Toggled iQ® Gateway Edge Computer Device (ECD) provides the ability to expand networked building controls systems beyond local Bluetooth® low energy (BLE) controls.

Enables BACnet integration as a BACnet client, collecting BMS data and publishing it to the cloud for advanced analytics, or as a BMS server, allowing Toggled iQ devices to be controlled by an existing BMS schedule.

Allows for connectivity to third party devices and sensors to provide a cost effective intelligent building operating system.

Gateway Introduction

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Top Features:

  • Provides the ability to choose between an open or closed system
  • Allows for seamless pairing with new and existing devices
  • Includes an API documentation tool to design and customize interfaces for end users
  • Allows platform to remotely control devices and create smart scenarios
  • Includes secure (TLS) connection to Toggled iQ backend for simple
    visualization, cloud storage and processing