Toggled Fixture installed


Toggled® LED fixtures are designed to meet every commercial and residential lighting project need. Whether you’re designing a new build or replacing existing inefficient fluorescent T8/T12 fixtures, Toggled has you covered. With so many styles and sizes to choose from, there’s always a Toggled fixture that’s right for you. No matter your challenge.

Toggled integrated LED fixtures provide slim, low-profile and lightweight solutions that are ideal for low ceiling areas and new builds. Edge-lit LEDs are integrated so there are no tubes to replace in the future. Their streamlined design enable easy installation in residential and commecial buildings.

Toggled direct-wire LED tube fixtures are more eco-friendly because they feature individual LED tubes that provide additional flexibility and allow future replacements to extend the life of the fixture when the LEDs reach end of life or even if a change in color temperature is desired at any point. These fixtures are designed and engineered with direct-wire technology to generate additional energy savings because they don’t require a traditional fluorescent ballast which otherwise requires constant power (4-6W).

Toggled direct-wire LED tube fixtures are customizable to support a wide assortment of tube color temperature options – 3000K (soft white), 4000K (cool white), 5000K (daylight) and 6500K (daylight deluxe).

Toggled direct-wire LED tube fixtures don’t use fluorescent ballasts. This saves energy since you no longer have to constantly replace power ballast(s). Toggled tube fixtures are designed and constructed with direct-wire LED technology that’s compatible with the entire Toggled LED tube product line.

Top Features

Outstanding product performance generating up to 70% in energy savings.

Suitable for use between -20 and 45 degrees Celsius.

Eliminates future ballast and maintenance costs. (Tube models)

Superior quality of light with consistent color rendering, 83+ CRI (UL Listed).

Commercial-grade, all metal construction with durable finish coatings. Reliable starts even in extreme temperatures.