Toggled Dimmable LED Tubes

Dimmable LED Tubes

(120 VAC only) Toggled® D-series dimmable direct-wire technology replaces T8 / T12 fluorescent tube lights.

The lighting-optimized, shatterproof, triangular tube shape offers broader and more uniform light distribution with enough back lighting to eliminate the “cave” effect in troffer fixtures.

This next-generation LED lighting technology is a popular choice for environments that benefit from the ability to customize light output levels, such as basements, kitchensconference roomsgarages, and more. They’re ideal for recessed troffer fixtures, wrap fixtures, under cabinet fixtures, sealed fixtures, deep cell troffers, and strip/shop fixtures.

Top Features

Dimmable when used with compatible dimmer switches.

Available white color changing model (D416-3C321). Use the tube’s switch to slide-and-select white color of choice (4000K, 5000K or 6500K).

Reduce lighting energy costs by 40-70% over fluorescent lighting. Energy credit (rebate) eligible.

UL classified, 50,000 hours lifetime rating, shatterproof, and lifetime residential / 6-year commercial warranty delivers years of problem-free operation.

Eliminate ballast energy use, noise, flicker, failure, and replacement costs. Simple rewiring required (minutes), step-by-step instructions.

Designed and engineered in Michigan, Toggled is at the forefront of precisely engineered LED lighting.

Works in many environment types: Offices, healthcare, industrial, retail, schools, refrigeration, warehouses, kitchens, basements, garages, and outbuildings.