Become a Toggled Lighting Reseller


Toggled® welcomes the opportunity to partner with resellers who are well positioned in the marketplace to promote and sell a premium smart building product line.

Toggled offers a uniquely ownable set of product and marketing assets with value beyond other white-labeled cookie cutter products that compete only on price. With Toggled, resellers are getting the opportunity to sell a product line that is uniquely designed and engineered in the U.S., backed by over 150 patents, and offers the best quality items available at competitive prices

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  • Provides the ability to choose between an open or closed system
  • Allows for seamless pairing with new and existing devices
  • Optimizes energy usage within retail spaces without sacrificing customer or staff comfort
  • Allows platform to create smart lighting schedules as desired
  • Increases the overall quality of light within retail spaces

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