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As a leading technology company, our vision is to improve the way the world works and the way people live. Developing easily attainable, user-friendly LED lighting and network building control products drives us to bring the future of intelligent building technology to market.

Established in 2007 as a pioneer in direct-wire LED lighting technology, Toggled® is a wholly owned subsidiary of Altair. With more than 150 foundational patents targeted at LED replacements for fluorescent tubes, Toggled has expanded its intellectual property portfolio to become a leading patent holder with patents issued across several relevant technologies including optics, communication and control, advanced physics, and power conversion circuitry. A substantial portfolio investment has also been made in anticipation of the expansion of lighting advancement within the Internet of Things.

Toggled’s products are designed and engineered in the U.S., and are The Home Depot’s leading on-shelf, direct-wire LED tube brand. Additionally, Toggled products are distributed throughout the U.S. and Canada via our broad reseller partner network.

Born from Toggled’s experience in LED technology and Altair’s expertise in vehicle systems, data analytics, and cutting-edge simulation-driven design, Toggled iQ® is a network lighting and building control product line that creates unique, scalable solutions in lighting control, HVAC, remote sensors, and more via the internet of things (IoT).

Toggled’s expertise in building technology, systems-level thinking, and the IoT value chain – from product design and data visualization to artificial intelligence and machine learning – has produced an intelligent, holistic intelligent building solution.


James R. Scapa
President and CEO

James R. Scapa brings over 35 years of engineering experience to his dual roles of chairman and CEO of Altair and president and CEO of Toggled. Through Scapa’s leadership, Altair is now a global technology company that provides software and cloud solutions in product development, high performance computing (HPC), data analytics, and more. Scapa earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Columbia University and an MBA from the University of Michigan.

Daniel Hollenkamp Jr.
Chief Operating Officer

Daniel Hollenkamp Jr. is responsible for Toggled’s day-to-day operations; he oversees sales, marketing, manufacturing, and research & development. Previously, Hollenkamp was Toggled’s lead manufacturing engineer, where he ramped up the company’s mass production efforts. He has more than 12 years of experience in electronics manufacturing and seven years of experience in the LED industry. Hollenkamp earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Michigan Technological University.

Raoul Maitra
Vice President, Chief Legal Officer

Raoul Maitra is responsible for Toggled’s legal affairs, which includes developing and leading corporate legal strategy to promote and protect the company’s intellectual property, and overseeing the delivery of legal services and resources to accomplish corporate goals, strategies, and priorities. Maitra earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from University of Michigan and a juris doctor degree from the Mauer School of Law at Indiana University (Bloomington).

Jack Ivey
Vice President of Technology

Jack Ivey leads the team working on the hardware and firmware for Toggled’s products, which develops a variety of lighting products and their associated wireless control and monitoring software. With 35 years of experience in electronics, embedded control, and software, Ivey previously managed Altair’s software configuration management and release processes, and was the engineering manager for a group developing custom engine calibration tools. Prior to joining Altair, Ivey was an algorithm development engineer at Delco Electronics and Delphi Chassis, where he developed embedded control firmware for antilock brake, traction control, and integrated chassis control systems. He earned a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering from Lehigh University.

Rob Schmitz
Director of Marketing

Rob has spent his 25+ year marketing career creating and managing award winning multi-channel platforms for brands that include Campbell Soup Company, Pepperidge Farm, Tums and Nestle. Having worked his way through the competitive ranks of the agency world, he knows first-hand that it takes world-class teamwork to achieve the highest levels of success.

Leading the marketing team, Rob oversees Toggled’s promotion and advertising efforts to help drive sales and build overall awareness. He is responsible for developing and driving forward its overall marketing plan, creating effective messaging and ensuring optimal return on investment. Rob earned his bachelor’s degree in marketing from Michigan State University.

Bryan Anderson
Senior Director of Sales

Bryan is a seasoned technology executive with 25+ years’ experience ranging from early-stage tech startups to multi-billion-dollar corporations. He has held many roles within these organizations and has deep experience in business & corporate development, sales and marketing, strategic partner development, financial and operational management.

As Toggled’s sales and business development lead he is responsible for developing and driving the go to market strategy bringing Toggled products and services to market with outcome driven initiatives and thoughtful execution. Bryan holds a Civil Environmental Engineering degree from Queen’s University and Master of Business Administration degree from London Business School.