New Toggled iQ Analytics Delivers Smarter Building Efficiency Management

TROY, Mich -

New at LightFair 2023: Advanced web-based application provides a holistic view of building consumption data to easily identify areas of inefficiency

TROY, MI – May 23, 2023Toggled®, a wholly owned subsidiary of Altair (Nasdaq: ALTR) focused on intelligent building management solutions, today launched its new Toggled iQ Analytics web-based application. This next generation offering provides facility managers and building owners with the data insights needed to ensure maximum efficiency from their networked building controls systems, driving down costs and energy consumption. Toggled will be exhibiting its new analytics product as part of the Toggled iQ connected building platform at LightFair 2023 in New York City, May 21-25.

Building on the capabilities of Toggled’s iQ technology portfolio, Toggled iQ Analytics enables building owners and facility managers to remotely visualize and control their entire real estate portfolio. Accessed through the Toggled iQ web-based app, a highly customizable analytics dashboard captures data insights most relevant to a building’s performance and efficiency goals, including energy consumption, room temperature and humidity, building traffic and occupancy, and more. By gathering these data insights in real-time, users can monitor performance of their systems and easily identify issues and potential areas for optimization. For example, with the dashboard, users can quickly identify underutilized spaces that are unnecessarily driving up costs and adjust in real-time.

“We are only going to see organizations’ decarbonation goals get more aggressive.  That means having easy-to-use data analytics tools as part of your smart building technology to track progress and course-correct is now an absolute must-have,” said Daniel Hollenkamp Jr., chief operating officer, Toggled. “Toggled iQ Analytics gives building owners and facility managers the data insights they need to meet those goals through energy and cost savings, while driving reductions in their carbon footprint. With an open platform that is easily integrated with other products and devices, our customers can seamlessly gather intel from this solution, regardless of what systems power their buildings.”

Toggled iQ Analytics is a part of Toggled iQ’s complete building controls solution portfolio which includes Toggled iQ Fixture Controller, Toggled iQ Plug Load Controller, Toggled iQ Area Lighting Controller, Toggled iQ LED tubes, Toggled iQ Sensor, Toggled iQ Downlight Retrofit Kit, Toggled iQ Switch, and Toggled iQ Gateway. The analytics product is free and downloadable now through the Toggled iQ app, found in both the App Store and on Google Play.

“Now more than ever, customers are demanding smarter tools to help them make better, data-driven decisions about the operation of their buildings,” said Bryan Anderson, Senior Director of Sales, Toggled, “With cost savings and energy reduction paramount, Toggled iQ Analytics is the kind of solution our customers are hungry for, and we’re excited to offer this new data analytics capability as a part of the full Toggled iQ portfolio.”

Key Benefits of Toggled iQ Analytics

  • Customizable dashboard enables organizations to build out any dataset they want, with any parameters, across all their buildings to get a holistic view of their buildings’ consumption.
  • Data overlays on floor plans allows organizations to see potential outliers of efficiency in a visual map view and determine solutions based on location. 
  • Through a device and protocol agnostic platform, the Toggled iQ Analytics’ architecture allows any data within a building to be displayed in the dashboard, not just from products within Toggled’s suite. This could include data from a building’s HVAC system or from LoRaWAN protocol.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly setup includes drop down menus and drag and drop features.

Toggled will be located at booth #1966 at LightFair. To schedule a demo or meeting at the event between May 23 and 25, email In addition to the new Toggled iQ Analytics, Toggled will also be spotlighting its full building controls solutions portfolio at LightFair.

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