Introducing the New Toggled iQ LED Flat Panel (with Selectable CCT and LED) and Volumetric CCT Troffer Lighting Solutions

TROY, Mich -

Troy, Michigan – March 11, 2024 – Toggled®, a wholly owned subsidiary of Altair (Nasdaq: ALTR) focused on intelligent building management solutions, today announced the launch of its new Toggled iQ LED Flat Panel with Selectable Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) and Toggled iQ LED Volumetric (CCT) Troffer Lighting Solutions, designed to provide quality, customizable smart lighting while delivering superior levels of cost and energy efficiency. Toggled will be exhibiting the Toggled iQ LED Flat Panel and Toggled iQ LED Volumetric CCT Troffer Lighting Solutions at NFMT, March 12-14, 2024, in Baltimore and LEDucation, March 19-20, 2024, in New York.

The Toggled iQ LED Volumetric CCT Troffer offers a networked lighting controls ready, high-efficiency alternative to T5, T8, and T12 linear fluorescent systems that provide long life with consistent color and superior lumen maintenance. The Toggled iQ LED Flat Panel with Selectable CCT luminaries feature back-lit technology with a robust construction that still offers a slim, low-profile design with beautiful full panel diffusion and superior uniformity. These products offer a cost-effective solution to maximize energy savings and take advantage of potential utility rebates, without sacrificing performance.

“Our Toggled iQ LED Flat Panel and LED Volumetric CCT Troffers not only deliver superior performance and energy efficiency but also offer unmatched versatility,” said Daniel Hollenkamp Jr., chief operating officer, Toggled. “Whether it’s upgrading existing fixtures or outfitting new spaces, the Toggled iQ LED Flat Panel and LED Volumetric CCT Troffer products provide customers with the flexibility they need to tailor their lighting strategies to meet their specific requirements.”

The Toggled iQ LED Flat Panel and Toggled iQ LED Volumetric CCT Troffer represent a significant advancement in networked lighting controls technology, offering a myriad of benefits that set them apart from traditional products. Unlike lamped LED fixtures, these new offerings feature a fixed light source with more uniform light output. Additionally, the integrated fixture controller simplifies wireless commissioning, making it an ideal choice for both retrofit and new construction projects.

When combined with additional Toggled iQ products like sensors, switches, and the complimentary Toggled iQ app, advanced features such as occupancy/vacancy, daylight harvesting, scheduling and scenes can be implemented.  The contemporary design of the Toggled iQ LED Flat Panel and Volumetric Troffer, enable customers to seamlessly transition their buildings into a smart, connectable future. Once integrated into Toggled iQ’s wireless networked lighting controls system, customers can achieve an increase of up to 80% energy efficiency and related cost savings. Additionally, since the controller can be effortlessly exchanged for use with another LED fixture, customers have additional flexibility in their lighting setups.

Key features include:

  • Seamless integration with the Toggled iQ networked lighting controls platform which leverages the power of IoT to create simple and customizable lighting controls solutions designed for any size building/room space and configuration for enhanced control and connectivity.
  • Modular design for easy installation and future upgrades.
  • Uniform light output and modern aesthetics for optimal visual appeal.
  • Compatibility with Toggled iQ’s existing line of smart lighting solutions.

Founded in 2007, Toggled has evolved from a leading LED lighting provider to an innovator in sustainable building technologies that enable organizations to customize and control their building operating systems in real-time.

With more than 150 patents, Toggled is the only software-focused company to deliver end-to-end networked lighting and building control solutions, ensuring consistent product quality and customer satisfaction. Because the system is wireless, users don’t have to tear up the office space during installation. Toggled iQ can also integrate into existing BAS systems, which provides additional flexibility when considering system architecture.

Toggled will be located at booth #751 at NFMT and booth #2016 at LEDucation. To schedule a demo or meeting at either event, email

In addition to the new Toggled iQ LED Panel and Troffer lighting products, Toggled will also spotlight its full building solutions portfolio, including:

● Toggled iQ Plug Load Controller

● Toggled iQ Area Lighting Controller

● Toggled iQ LED tubes

● Toggled iQ Sensor

● Toggled iQ Downlights

● Toggled iQ Switch

● Toggled iQ Gateway

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Toggled is a leading provider of innovative lighting solutions designed to meet the evolving needs of commercial and industrial customers. With a focus on energy efficiency, sustainability, and connectivity, Toggled is committed to delivering cutting-edge lighting technologies that enhance productivity, comfort, and safety.

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