Toggled lighting is perfect for healthcare environments


Your care providers and patients deserve the best. Great lighting improves patient comfort, makes procedures requiring visual precision easier, and transforms the atmosphere of a healthcare facility. Toggled® LED lamps bypass ballasts and other external power supplies, eliminating ballast maintenance completely.

Toggled direct-wire LED lamps provide energy savings up to 60%, improve the quality of light and offer the ability to install color temperatures that best suit the application. With Toggled’s 50,000-hour lifespan, traditional lighting systems’ high failure rates and maintenance costs are a thing of the past.Save money, save energy, and enhance your environment with Toggled.

Toggled direct-wire LED tubes are designed and engineered in the U.S., feature a shatterproof polycarbonate construction, deliver a 50,000 hour lifespan, instant start to full brightness, rated for damp and cold conditions, and come with a best-in-class warranty.

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Shortcomings of Traditional Healthcare Lighting

  • Long operating hours chew through lighting systems
  • High energy costs
  • Degraded lifespans lead to flickering, dreary-looking fluorescent tubes
  • High ballast maintenance and replacement costs

Upgrading to Toggled LED

  • Saves up to 60% in energy costs
  • 50,000 hour product lifespan
  • Enhances light quality
  • Comes with serviceable fixtures that require minimal maintenance
  • Reduces costs using occupancy sensors, as there are no lifetime or warranty reductions due to on/off cycling
  • Creates a comfortable, warm environment for care providers and patients

Upgrading to Toggled iQ®

  • LED lamps allow for instant dimming capabilities
  • Downlights allow for instant white color-changing and dimming capabilities
  • Sensors enable occupancy/vacancy capabilities with ability to set high/low trims