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Participating in the toggled Licensing Program allows your business to quickly enter and capitalize on the paradigm shift away from fluorescent to LED lighting by taking advantage of our broad LED lighting patent portfolio to deliver custom and commercial LED lighting solutions.

With innovations recognized by more than 74 patents issued and dozens more pending in the U.S. and internationally, we have designed our licensing program to streamline your business’s ability to rapidly integrate toggled’s intellectual property to develop, market and sell world class LED lighting products.

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Royalty Terms

A simple market based royalty structure allows licensees to leverage toggled’s intellectual property portfolio. The royalty fee is calculated and paid quarterly and is applied at only one point in the supply chain. The royalty is enforced where ever Licensee’s products that practice the toggled patents are sold, distributed or manufactured in the US.

We have over 60 Patent Licensees including:
  • Philips
  • Zhejiang Yankon Mega Lighting
  • James Industry
  • Light Engine
  • Ampco Lighting

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