Return to Work

As building owners and facility managers start to see a shift back to having a physical presence within their building spaces, the need to ensure health, safety and overall occupant satisfaction comes front and center.

Returning to the office is turning out to be more of a challenge than employers anticipated. Many employees are expressing a reluctancy to return. Although there are many reasons for this, one area that can be quickly addressed by employers is improving in-person employee work environments.

Improved Lighting Quality

Maintaining clean building spaces will be key for those returning to work. Part of that maintenance includes air quality; thankfully, Toggled iQ® devices can monitor and optimize air quality. And, of course, providing inviting lighting environments is a specialty for Toggled®. Our products let you tweak and tailor your lighting environment to perfection, and make your workspaces more vibrant, efficient, and productive.


Flexible Workspaces

Creating flexible in-person workspaces that promote collaboration and communication are highly desirable. Building owners and corporate leaders have the opportunity to develop their own unique workspaces that align to their organizational culture and environment. Toggled iQ is engineered to best accommodate customized and individual needs. Capable of changing room configurations in just seconds with the mobile app, Toggled iQ is the most flexible platform available.