Energy Management

Energy use is the largest operating expense for most businesses, representing approximately one third of their budgets. To help organizations reduce their energy expenses and carbon footprint, Toggled iQ® offers a proven solution that reduces energy usage through an easy-to-install, smart building controls platform.

Toggled iQ products are designed and engineered to provide maximum energy efficiency. The Toggled iQ platform allows for system expansion which enables additional layers of energy savings when the time is right. Just converting fluorescent tubes to Toggled direct-wire LED tubes alone can generate up to 60% in energy savings. Adding additional layers such as controls and back-end data analytics adds up to another 20% in energy savings.

Implementation of available Toggled iQ analytics capabilities allows users to manage and actively engage in improving their facilities’ energy efficiency. Device sensors provide data to Toggled iQ analytics tools which help identify areas that may be underperforming from an efficiency standpoint or flag areas that may not be used as often as originally thought – allowing for future efficiency adjustments.

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