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Bye-bye Ballast. Hello Savings.

Smarter technology. Smarter buildings. Smarter future.

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Smart from the start.

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Bye-bye ballast. Hello savings.

Save 40–70% on monthly energy costs with Toggled.

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We are passionate about providing healthy and safe living environments for everyone. Whether at work or at play, daytime or nighttime, we view them all as opportunities to improve how people conduct their everyday lives. Through our technologies, we are improving the well-being and productivity of people working in and managing these environments.


Through intuitive software engineering, we strive to develop and deliver smart technology driven products that enable more efficient and productive environments. As the only software-focused company to deliver end-to-end solutions in smart building management, we combine product, software, and analytics to create truly unique and customizable ecosystems.


We bring the power of intelligence to the building ecosystem. Whether upgrading a fluorescent lighting system to direct wire LED to improve lighting energy efficiency up to 70% or implementing a full-scale smart building upgrade to enable additional layers of savings, every step Toggled takes is a step forward in helping reduce the carbon footprint on our planet.

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Carbon Lighthouse worked with Toggled iQ to automatically ‘normalize’ and standardize the local data drawn from its numerous and different business management systems. This ensured all incoming data streams were consistent with the terminology used by Carbon’s proprietary, patented, cloud-based software platform without needing to make changes to its own system.

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Toggled worked with Meijer, a major retail grocery chain to reduce the electricity consumption by 50% compared to its existing fluorescent lighting. Meijer now has durable LED lighting that won’t change color over time, will last around six years being run 24/7, and reduce its electricity consumption by 50% per tube.

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One historic building, 10,000 sq. feet, no structural changes, two days turnaround and one Toggled iQ app. Now that’s smart building management.

“I love the fact that I can control the lights above my area. I’m a software developer so I absolutely need to have it dimmed to a certain level when I’m working.” ‑ Henry Raschke

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"I had ZERO, and I mean ZERO experience with wiring, electricity, or anything related. Just by watching the installation video, I was able to figure this out. Just cut wires going to ballast and power directly to bulbs. Super simple.”
‑ Home Depot customer

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Connect direct. Easy installation. Reduce costs. Save energy.

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Smart from the start.

One platform. Any size. Easy to use. Real time data collection. Optimize demand and maintenance.

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